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What is ServBook?

ServBook is one of the leading new and emerging home services booking website available in India and Global Countries.

How Does It Work?

We at ServBook provide an easy to use platform for both service providers and service customers can register their accounts for free.

Here, service providers can register themselves as author and submit their list of services (each service as a separate listing) which are available for booking online to do the needful of our service customers.

Service customers can register themselves as user and search for their needful services and book the selected service upon availability and get their service done by our service experts.

Why Choose ServBook?

We are offering an easy to use platform for our service providers such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers, painters, appliance repair technicians etc., to list their services and receive unlimited direct leads, inquiries and service bookings from our website visitors or service customers for free for life time.

We are also providing a free platform to our website visitors to find their needful services in their locality and book the selected service upon availability and pay the service fee to the service provider after getting the service done!

Who can add services in servbook?

Only our listing authors (service providers) can add services in servbook.

Why "Add Your Service" button is not working in servbook website?

It works only for our listing authors to add their services in servbook website. Listing Author needs to login into servbook website in order to use "Add Your Service" button to submit his/her service listings in servbook website.

How to become servbook listing author?

If you are a service provider, you can register your account with us and later you need to subscribe to any of our listing packages (either free or paid listing packages) to become servbook listing author.

Is there any specific registration page for service provider and service customer in servbook website?

No. Both can register their accounts in same registration page/popup registration box.

Once you registered on servbook website, the default user role i.e. "listing customer" will be assigned to your profile.

And as soon as you subscribe to any of our listing packages, your user role will be upgraded to "listing author" so that you can add your services in servbook website.

Service Bookings
Who can book services listed in servbook website?

Only our members (listing/service customers) who were registered in servbook website can book services listed in servbook website. And it's free to register your accounts with servbook.

Do I need to pay any fee to Book Services listed in servbook website?

No. You no need to pay any booking fee here in order to book services listed in servbook website.

And we recommend you pay the service fee/charge to the service provider only after getting your service done!

And once your service done, you can give your valuable feedback (review & rating) to the service provider's service listed in servbook website so that your review can help other service customers in our website.